Discover the restaurant La Favola in the Nice Old Town!

Discover the restaurant La Favola in the Nice Old Town!

Discover La Favola, a trattoria reminiscent of a large greengrocery in the heart of Nice Old Town!   

La Favola sets the scene at the heart of the old town, where local people come to stroll and tourists saunter. The restaurant and its terrace are an integral part of the famous Cous Saleya, the beating heart of the city, where, each morning, the lively flower, spice, fruit and vegetable market comes to life.  

La Favola was designed to look like a large greengrocery overlooking the marketplace, with shelves stocked with coloured glass jars.  

Inside, the decor is timbered and inviting. The entrance is a riot for the senses with a foliage-covered staircase, large terracotta pots, a black and white mosaic, a bread and antipasti counter, Bistrot chairs pushed up to the bar and terracotta tiles. The tables are large and designed with sharing in mind. It’s no coincidence that La Favola is loving referred to as the ‘temple of pasta’! Come and discover this laid-back eatery for yourselves.   

On the menu you’ll find unmissable pasta dishes including Rigatoni al forno, Maccheroni della Mamma and Spaghetti with seafood.  Beautiful pieces of fish and cuts of meat also grace the menu, such as the herb and pistachio-crusted swordfish and the breaded ‘Elephant Ear’ veal chop.   

Because Italian culture is also expressed through the art of receiving guests, diners commonly wonder whether they will be able to finish their meal! Just a word of warning! 😉